The Style and Concept Consultation: The creative process begins here. On a visit to your home, we will work together to conceptualize your dream session. We will consider where your images will be displayed and the existing design in those rooms, as well as your personality and personal style, to sketch out several “concept images” your session will be based on. From there we will build a wardrobe list so you know exactly what to expect to wear on the day, and answer any additional questions you may have.


The Session: Be treated to a true VIP experience in this custom-designed portrait capture session. Receive expert styling from a professional hair and makeup artist and complete the look with stunning wardrobe. For studio sessions, the entire operation comes to your home for the ultimate convenience.


The Reveal: Meet your stunning images for the first time in this in-home viewing and product consultation. Experience the impact of printed images, beautifully displayed as we present a variety of options, complete with size and frame samples so you can best picture exactly what your portraits will look like in their new home on your wall.


Delivery and Installation: The final step in your portrait journey, this is the day your new portraits become a part of your home. Your new pieces will be hung on your walls, and you will receive a certificate of authenticity for each piece.

Note: Because albums generally have a much longer production time than wall pieces, if your order contains both wall art and albums you will be given the option to have them delivered separately, as they are completed, or to wait and have them delivered together.

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