When should I do my maternity session?

Maternity sessions are, generally speaking, best done between 30 and 34 weeks. At this time your baby bump has reached a good size, but you haven’t quite gotten to the point where moving around is too terribly cumbersome. That being said, every woman is different. Some some very early and can therefore do their session earlier if they prefer, some are still barely showing at all, even at 34 weeks. Please note that is also extremely risky to wait beyond 37 weeks, as you could easily end up going into labor before your session date.


When should I do my baby’s newborn session?

The best time to do a newborn session is when the baby is 5-12 days old. During this time, babies are still very sleepy, and they are still limber enough from their time in the womb to safely achieve the poses that are considered quintessential in newborn photography.


How do I schedule a newborn session when I don’t know the exact date the baby will be born?

Babies make their appearance when they are good and ready. Sometimes early, sometimes late. Sometimes, EVERY once in a while, they come at exactly the time we expect. This unpredictability makes it impossible to schedule a newborn session before the baby is actually born, so I don’t even try. When you book your session, I schedule your due date in my calendar, but we do not schedule your actual session date and time until after your little one makes his or her arrival. This allows me to avoid overbooking sessions, while also giving us both the flexibility to accommodate your family’s needs.