And so it begins….

We lived in England for about three years. Of course, when we were getting ready to embark on this new overseas adventure we came up with all these plans for all the places in Europe we wanted to see: Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, etc, etc. We were probably more than a little overly ambitious, but ambition is a good thing right? We finally made our move and, of course….life. Over and over again, all those wonderful sounding plans we had made took a back seat as things came up in our everyday life. We did get to see quite a bit of England, but we only ventured outside English borders a couple of times. Enough to whet our appetite, but not nearly enough for us to move back to America without feeling like we had missed a major opportunity to see the world (or at least the previously unexplored continent of Europe).


With this in mind, we decided that enough was enough and we would NOT be going back without first seeing as much of the continent as we could manage. We came up with a plan. Possibly, once again, a rather ambitious plan, but we were feeling just reckless enough to decide we could pull it off. We packed up the kids and sent them to visit their grandparents, much to the vast excitement of both the kids AND the grandparents. We bought backpacks and Eurail passes, and set off on what I have decided to call our Grand European Extravaganza tour: We traveled for 6 full weeks, spanning some 28 destinations across 13 or so countries.

Over the coming months, in the true spirit of a blog, I will be creating a journal of out entire trip. There will be, more or less, a post for every city/destination we visit. There will be destinations across the length and breadth of Europe and each post will include some basic travel information, what our favorite places to visit/eat/etc were, and, of course, pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. I am also hoping (assuming I can figure out how to make the widget work, if anyone reading this knows WordPress well enough to walk me through it please get in touch) to include in each post a Google map with markers for each image to show where it was taken from. I really feel like, even with iconic landmarks, sometimes it can be hard to figure out where to go to get that really great vantage point for a picture, so I’m going to show you exactly where I took each picture from.

All of the posts from this trip will be tagged separately on the blog under the label “The Grand European Extravaganza Tour” so follow along and see where the wind takes us!

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